Velika planina

velikaplaninaUntouched nature, summer freshness surrounded by the Kamnik Alps, rich tradition of the shepherds and variety of opportunities for recreation. These are the reasons that attract numerous guests to Velika Planina.

We suggest you a nice walk to the shepherd village, which is the rarity also according to its size in the whole Europe. In the summer between June and September, you will be shown their typical huts or so-called “bajte«“where you will be offered home-made traditional dishes.

The mountain-bikers could take the biking tracks that lead from the top of the mountain back to the valley. Tha transport of the bike is possible either by cabin lift or by the chair-lift from the station Zeleni Rob.

The lower cabin station is found in the small place Kamniška Bistrica, 10 km from Kamnik.When leaving Kamnik just follow the traffic signs to Kamniška Bistrica and Gornji Grad. After 5km-drive, you reach the village Stahovica, where you turn left. Follow the signs indicating Kamniška Bistrica and after 5km-drive, you can find on your right the parking place of the cabin-lift station for Velika Planina.

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