Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press – print, photo, radio, TV, film, news agencies, and online media who represent a bona fide media organization.

Accreditation requests will be accepted until August 31st on email address [email protected]

In email for each person please indicate:
• name and surname
• persons email address
• name, address and web address of media organization,
• type of media (News agency, TV, Photo, Online only, Daily Paper, Radio, Periodical, TV/Radio, Other)
• persons position (Reporter, Producer, Technican, Correspondent, Editor, Photographer, Director, Cameraperson)

You will recieve your accreditation at “Dom kulture Kamnik”, Fužine 10, 1240 Kamnik (location).


We recommend that the media makes accommodation at the local Hostel. Each room in this hostel has unlimited internet access and the hostel it self is nearby Kamnik city centre. More information at

Information for media durring WMRC will be available in »Dom kulture Kamnik«, Fužine 10, 1240 Kamnik (location).
Daily schedule and other acctivities will be published later